Friday, September 16, 2011

Pizza Fuel!

Last night after my son's football game, I got in a chest tri workout at home push ups 20, 15, 10 Bench 95x10repsx3 Incline flys 25'sx10x3sets Bicep curl machine 45x10, 55x10x3sets Dips- off bench 3 sets Flat bench flys 25'sx10x1 set knee ups on bench 2 sets I did all this while at the same time eating PIZZA...oh yes I have food issues, lol! I also felt bad that I missed my run. The plan is to get that done today instead of being totally "off". I've been neglecting to post my cycle days and weight. Here's this week's: M- 130 cycle day 15 T-130 cycle day 16 W- 129.4 cycle day 17 By the way, my legs- especially my hammies are VERY sore and I am already sore in m upper body from last night's workout. This is why being consistent is important. As long as I get 1 lifting workout per body part weekly I don't get very sore at all...any more time off than that- this nasty soreness kills me! My focus this week is more on getting back to working out, than my diet. If I workout consistently, my diet gets better automatically. I know my food choices will improve as my workout habit improves.Which comes first for you- workouts or diet?