Friday, September 30, 2011

A new month is coming!!!

A new month is coming!!! Just 1 day away from "O"ctober!!! Whoohoo!! another "O" for my BY"O"B... BRING YOUR OCTOBER BODY!! What other choice do you have, but to BRING IT!!


My plan is to BRING IT this October- My fitness is going to take a top priority this month. I want my my OUTSTANDING body for Halloween this year. I may actually dress up in a costume this year- HEHE!! Just need to find a party to attend

I was looking through some pics of mine from last years 30 day get buff contest- this was on 8-25-10:

I weighed 124- that's my goal for the end of OCTOBER :)
How am I gonna get there- doing what I've been doing- working out consistently! and eating my protein and fat and lower carbs in the form of fruits and veggies. It's working already!

I am on cycle day 6 and now at 127- down from 130 last week, YAY. Today I have LEGS on tap!! OH BOY!!

Time to BRING IT this OCTOBER!!