Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday = Plan of Attack Day!

Sunday= plan of attack ...POA day. My fitness efforts have been really weak since my vacation. I've not had a goal and been so inconsistent with my workouts that I have gone backwards in my fitness and buffness level :snicker: I'd highly suggest that you take some time to PLAN your workout week really helps keep you more consistent and HONEST. My plan this week is to get my mojo rollin' for our 8 week contest that starts on the 19th BY STICKING TO THE PLAN I WROTE FOR MYSELF SEPT 1!! I will be SORE, but I know I can handle it!! the POA for my week is as follows; Sun 11th RUN ABS Mon 12th Lift Lower Body ABS @GYM DURING FB PRACTICE Tue 13th RUN ABS Chest/tri ABS @HOME IN AM-- FB Game for Gunner--call with Lisa Wed 14th off- work on house day Thurs 15th RUN ABS Back/ Shoulders/ Bi’s @GYM DURING FB PRACTICE--call with Chele Fri 16th Lift Lower #1 ABS @ GYM AFTER LUNCH Sat-17th RUN ABS & MOVE LIFTING TO OFF DAY/SUNDAY-Chest/tri Intervals In other news...I just love, love, love football. Gunner had his first game yesterday and the lost, but he had several very good tackles!! I was impressed with his play at middle linebacker. We are missing the Vikings game right now :(...our Direct TV isn't ready to be installed just yet in our new house, but once we get a few more renovations done we'll be ready to get it hooked up and be able to watch the games. Today, I've been working- as you know I am a procrastinator...I had a few programs that needed to be done for clients to start tomorrow, lol! I feel my "work mojo" returning finally!! I had lost it during vacation somewhere on the beach Time to finish up "work" and clean my house -Michelle