Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Fumes!! they are nasty! I painted with oil based paints yesterday and wow, I think I got drunk! :snicker: I am surprised I don't feel hung over today from it. The good news is that I am FINISHED with the oil based stuff for a while, now it's just water based fun painting that's ahead!

So...I did get my 30 mins outside done, just barely yesterday. I spent time outside in the morning with my puppy, several more minutes outside working on my fingernails and then "fume" breaks during my painting yesterday afternoon, lol!

Mondays tend to turn out as a good day off of workouts for me. It's odd in a way, because typically I am very fired up to get rollin'!! The problem comes in that I try to do WAY TO MUCH on Mondays and often end up running out of time. I've learned this about myself and just let it ben an OFF workout day, when time runs short.

Besides painting yesterday, I had other things distracting me-a couple of them were: Travis' truck is out of commission for the week, his transmission went out! and Gunner's sick with an ear infection!

I'm homebound for now...good thing it's GORGEOUS outside!! I can't wait to get in my 30+minutes today!!!

Have a terrific Tuesday!!