Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I don't like it!

Let me tell you a secret..."I DON'T LIKE working out!" (But I do love the results). I'm serious, I don't like it 90+% of the time and I have a million other activities I'd way rather spend my time doing. I think the LIE that people are supposed to enjoy working out keeps many people from actually forming the habit.

That said, last night It took sheer guts for me to strap on my running shoes and get out the door. About 10 mins into it, I finally felt a bit better physically and mentally- thinking, thank GOD I only have to do a total of 20 mins!..I actually made it 21 mins
Then, after the run I did a few walking lunges and side lunges- for about all my 30 mins of OUTSIDE TIME- followed by my chest tricep workout:


paired with bicep curls

and one leg at a time jumps between sets 25 each leg x 3 sets

Then my push ups, chair dips and knee ups outside- 2 sets of each 15 push ups, 15 chair dips and 25 knee ups

That was all I could fit in last night....I felt good about what I did!!

Remember, Don't think you are supposed to like working out. It's honestly not always the most enjoyable experience....BUT DO IT anyway! It's like medicine- not always fun to swallow, but it make you BETTER!

Love ya's~