Friday, October 07, 2011

Working Out vs Being Active

I’ve been ranting and raving all week about how I really don’t enjoy working out. Some people refuse to believe me, because they think I “MUST” love it due to my habitual workout routine and my obsession with fitness. Others suggest that maybe I’m not doing the right type of workout. While I appreciate the opinions and suggestions…it makes me realize I’d better clarify my position.

“Working Out” is a different beast than being “Active”. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being active! I love nature walks, physical labor, playing sports, etc… but I don’t love the act of actually “Working Out”. Working out is exactly what the term says “work”…It works and it IS work! Being active helps my physique, but it doesn’t SHAPE my physique. Calculated effort, blood sweat and tears through tough workouts is what has created and maintained this body. If I were to stop working out and just do what I enjoy & “be active” my buff body would not remain!

My definition of working out consists of, WEIGHT Training and Intense Intervals/Cardio. Each needs to be done at least 3 times a week to stay buff. Conversely, all other fitness activities are simply “bonus activities”. The ones that are fun typically don’t give you the impact needed to have a BUFF BODY! They may keep you healthy, happy, functional, etc… but they will not provide a jaw dropping physique.

My version of “Working Out” is a fountain of youth except for fact that fountains flow easily. Weight training is hard and takes effort! It’s not easy or natural for someone to hulk out on free weights, squat with weight stacked on their backs, push more than their body weight off their chest or pull more their body weight over and over again~ But I don’t want NATURE to run its course. I’ve seen old worn down bodies and I don’t want one! I plan to fight; I plan to do what’s not natural; I will do what is NOT enjoyable JUST BECAUSE I know it works!! I’ve experienced how it feels to be BUFF and I won’t settle for less!

Working out with weight training, intervals and intense cardio not only works on the exterior form of my body. IT works on a cellular level to keep me YOUNG and SPRY! The hormonal changes that workout out creates in my body keep my sexuality strong and my mentality youthful. Those benefits alone are enough for me to torture myself in the gym a few days a week for eternity! I’ll be squatting until I’m in heaven!

Today's torture session of running hard fast intervals (6 one minute ones) during a 20 min run is done!! Now onto more fun BuffMother activities- painting and later I'll work on my taxes, HA!!

Have a super fun Friendly Friday!!