Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm Alive!

I am alive!! I've been sick all week, wishing, hoping and trying to muster up the energy to get better, but sometime we need a doctor's help. I finally broke down and took myself to the Dr. yesterday. Now with proper meds in hand I expect to be feeling better soon!!

My stubborness about going to the doctor is stupid in a way...I knew I was sick, but also HATE taking meds and HATE admitting to others that I can get sick .
The Dr. I visited is a friend of mine. Dr. Tammy Tucker, who has recently set up her private practice in Bentonville. It was a really good experience. She prescibed me a unique treatment option that I've never used before and Also gave me a Vitamin infuision. 17g's of Vitamin C, a whole batch of the B's and some magnesium. She expected me to regain some great energy from it! I do feel a bit more energy today than I have all week--so I think it did help some already!

The mandate from my hubby today is for me to REST agian! He typically doesn't tell me what to do, but every now and then He pulls out his BOSS Mantra and lays the law, lol! I'm hoping this additional day of rest will be the last for me!

Hope you had a WAY better week than I did! I am alive, Kicking and won't be down for long~ I've got way too much LIVING to DO!

Love ya!!