Friday, October 14, 2011

MIA Momma!

HEY~~~ sorry I've been a M.I.A. Momma!!

I've been busy, busy with my 3 girls off school for the week and a visiting Grandma!! It's been fun but I've missed my Fit Friends!! Anyhow, I'm great~ I've had a super productive past several days~ taxes, painting, shopping, working out ,etc!! It's all good :)

One thing I have not accompished is our "TRY IT ON" challenge-- I've spaced out the past 2 days--I'll have to "Try it ON" today-- I think I have some packed away fall cloths that I need to "assess" for this season and figure out what I need to buy for the fall....I have a feeling I'm OK on jeans, but need some shirts in a BAD WAY!

For workouts, I ran HARD with 4 hill sprints on Monday- and today I did Legs. Tomorrow will be upper body lifting with a run, Friday off, and legs again on Saturday or Sunday.

The "KETOGENIC" diet has been going well for me, my weight is down a little. It's been slow going for me- fall is such a hard time for weight loss- Our bodies want to "hibernate"! I've kept most the carbs out of my diet, except CHIPS and SALSA did attack me yesterday! I am back on track today-- my body is showing changes~~So I'll keep at it for at least another 1.5 weeks.

Alrighty, Let's have a great finish to the week!!! I'm gonna catch up with my felllow Team BuffMother Members in the Rally Room and on Facebook!


p.s. Planning for the OMAHA event is full swing this week!! If you have any questions or input let me know!!