Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 Days!

After today we have only 10 days left until the Big BLUFFS CLASSIC!! Wow!! So many beautiful Team BuffMother are going to be representing on stage- it gives me goose bumps!!
I've been working hard so that I can fit in with the FIT ladies!!
Sunday I had a great leg workout which got cut a tish short because I was needed in the woods. My hubby and son needed MY MUSCLES to help get the deer my son shot out of the creekbed in our woods. Here's a shot of the deer and my son- a beautiful doe- she'll make some good JERKY!

And here's a shot of the spot where she was laying when I arrived to help:

Beautiful Huh?! I love our new hunting land!!
Anyhow, I was VERY Sore yesterday and to top it off I got some crazy allergic reaction and ended up with a horrible sore throat last night. I was asleep by 9 and missed my workout. But, I made up for it today. I lifted back, shoulders, some biceps and was GREAT! I also got my teeth cleaned, hair highlighted and cut and even went to the chiro.
Busy, busy!
Well, I've gotta go cook supper, do some laundry, help with homework and build a small pilgrim house out of sticks??
See ya~
Love, Michelle