Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh is day 1!!

Today is Day 1 of the rest of my is every day, lol!! I had a super refreshing and productive long weekend family weekend. We ATE a lot of fun stuff~ I cooked a big Turkey Day meal and 3 pies. Everything was wonderful and provided meals for the entire 4 day weekend. We also got a bunch of painting Artist finished at our house. Now it's time for our floors to be installed and for us to MOVE IN this weekend!!
It'll be the final week for my kids in their current schools. They'll start in a much smaller school district next Monday. They seem ready and excited!! I have to get all the paperwork for the transfer started today :smile:
I didn't do an "official" workouts over the holiday, but I'll get back to it today. My body feels good, refreshed and ready to regain my top fitness level. Working out over the winter is a must for me! My big goal at the moment is a trip to the beach with my hubby at some point this winter. We are tenatively planning for the end of January Beach
I've got tons of "to do's" today and tons of catching up to do with my rally room friends!! I'm off to attack this DAY 1!!!
Have a great ONE yourself!!