Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Been Hormonal

Hi Friends,
I've been a bit hormonal this week...which shows up with a lack of focus and a tendency to be forgetful about posting on my blog. Unfortunately, It can also cause me to slack on my workouts a bit.
On the BRIGHT SIDE, the good part about being hormonal is that I get a little bit "nesty" and find it easier to do things like laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc...I also get a bit more sentimental and "LOVEY DOVEY"
This week should be a bit better on the blogging and workout front. I got a membership at a new gym to "try" for a month...and I am determined to hit my 2012 goal of daily blogging early, by starting the habit now.
Some other stuff going on here includes:
  • My DD Gracie's birthday is tomorrow
  • We had 3 kids lose a tooth in the past few days!!
  • My Christmas tree is UP!!
  • I have NOT started Christmas shopping yet!
  • I really hurt my toe (4th one) by stubbing it last night Crying
  • I am giving away a STOP SNORING product (see below)
I got in a good at home Leg workout Saturday Night but that was the last one I've managed. I had good intentions to go last night, but I was so tired!
I need to get to it earlier...Despite only getting in 3 workouts last week my weight was still just under 130 yesterday afternoon on cycle day 27.
My POA for the remainder of the week in order to get in 5 workouts looks like this~
Tues: Abs, legs @gym
Wed: ABS, back shoulders and biceps & start running on treadmill @ gym-- I have not ran in over 2 months!
Thurs:Chest Tris
Friday: run again
Saturday: lift Lower body
Sunday: off
Food wise, I've been trying to simply eat more fruits and veggies. I've been getting in a carrots and apple most every day....but I need more greens consistently. It's been a challenge to eat right recently...but I'm still trying!!!
Let's have a GREAT Week!!
Love ya,
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