Saturday, December 17, 2011


WOW!! is all I can say about the response I’ve had to the “40 days to FIT” challenge!! Hundreds of people have already done the challenge since July of 2009 when I first ran the challenge. I know that I’ve benefited from the challenge myself and I am all about being “reminded” of the important basics that it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. That’s why I am doing it again and have invited you to join along!!I can already feel the synergy! Thanks everyone for your support and participation!!!!

My 40 days starts today~ and I am really fired up. Yesterday I took some time to put a reminder on each day of the calendar as to which day of the 40 we are on–I plan to stay focused for the entire 40!!! My motivation for this challenge is my a trip to the beach at the end of January. I want to be really fit for some sexy fun, LOL!
I‘m still working on my December goals~ here they are for this week:
fitness:5 workouts a week and start to run again (I’ve taken the past 2+ months off)
work: website update; schedule a photo shoot
family: get settled into our new house (we are currently slowly moving )
spirit: get back to reading my bible and doing a daily devotion
Yesterday was an awesome day…Gracie had an awesome birthday party at her cousins and is still there! She spent the night~ She got some really, really cute clothes and $$- her favorite thing!! Another really funny thing that happened yesterday was Travis and I were jokingly “bumping our bellies” in the living room and my 12 year old son had such a genuine horrified response of simply “WOW”, it was classic- he was seriously worried and embarrassed by us!! It’s so fun to tease kids!!
I ended up home-bound yesterday my furnace needed to be serviced- but managed to get in some killer at home exercises…I did a ton of push ups- several varieties and some fun explosive chair dips– I’ll make a video and show them to you soon!
I am off to “just do it”– going shopping with 2 of my daughters and after that I’ll get in my leg workout and a short run!!!
Let’s have a stellar Holiday Season!!
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Day #1-FIT tip-
Just Do IT!! Nike's slogan is enormously successful for a reason. In order to be FIT...JUST DO IT!! Turn off your brain and just get moving. Strive to do "something" towards your fitness goals at least every other every day!
Day #1-Feature ARTICLE- (comment here)
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