Thursday, December 22, 2011

Days 2, 3 and 4, LOL!

Okay, I know I am a little behind on blogging, shopping, decorating, wrapping and life in general this week, BUT I am not behind on my workouts!! YIPPIE for the 40 days to FIT!! it's doing the trick to keep my mojo going this super busy pre-Christmas week!!
"BuffMother" Fit tip-
Stay hydrated with fun interesting options other than just plain water. 1- add lime or lemon juice to your water. 2-try adding fruit or veggie slices( ex. watermelon, cucumbers) to your water and refrigerate it a bit. 3- green tea, black tea, herbal tea hot or cold are great alternatives to plain may find it best to opt for the NON-caffeinated varieties.
So...I'm thinking about opening a fruit/veggie water could drink them hot or cold. warm watermelon sippers, crisp cucumber coolers, green bean blast, lol!! Would you buy??

Here's a recap:
Sunday (day 2): It was a rest day. I typically don't get on the computer much if any on Sunday. When I say that I will be blogging daily come the new year's that does not include Sundays! Sundays are all about family, God, rest and no computer :hehe:
I did however read the fit tip and post a little on FB from my phone- I loved the fit tip about setting a simple weekly goal. Mine this week was workouts!! The GOAL TALK also got me thinking about how last year I went looking for a "SCARY" goal and found football. That was fun!! I need to find my scary goal for 2012!!
Monday (day 3): LEGS!! Oh man and i hit them hard!!
95x10+10 conventional x2sets
45 degree hack squats- pulsing to hit glutes
Machine weight x 25 reps
Calf Raises-
Lower back/booty extensions-
2sets x25 reps
Full ab extensions-
15 reps x2sets
Knee extensions- new machine
Walking lunges with DB's
20#'s x15x2sets
I finished the workout with a slow 10 min run @5mph. Just trying to get my running feet under me again!
Tuesday (day4):
Back workout- my gym got new equipment and took out much of my favorite back stuff and replaced it with precor machines.
My normal lat pull is gone Crying
Here's a quick recap of what I did- lat pulls, pull ups- close hammer grip (9, 6), seated rows, bicep curls machine, shoulder press machine
I finished the workout with a slow 10 min run @5mph...I can feel my leg workout from yesterday big time!!
Time to GO!! I've got tons of wrapping to do tonight and more shopping to get done tomorrow~ hope you are hanging in there these last few days before the holiday!!
LOVE, Michelle