Monday, February 06, 2012

21 day- Michelle's Habits

My habits are few... for some odd reason I am not habitual in nature. I wonder if it has to do with the fact I'm a Gemini??? Not that I actually believe in astrology, but the description fits! I'm one way some days and the complete opposite other days! I've never stick to the same routine...not even for how I groom myself daily- no specific order of activities, no set in stone way to do anything! I'm a free spirit trying to live in a habitual world, lol!
The Biggest Best Habit I've forced myself to attain is to workout consistently. I've now done it for 8.5 years! That in itself proves, I AM capable of forming a habit. I can change!!
a few more good habits I've established as an adult include:
  • good posture
  • positive attitude
  • journaling
  • eating my protein
  • cutting out most grains and dairy from my diet
For this Contest my goal is to cut out all carbs except those found in fruits and veggies. I'm going to use the carbs I eat to fuel my workouts and nutrify my body-- just enough servings each day to be highly productive in my workouts but not any EXTRA that will keep me fluffy! My weight goal that i set last month is still intact-- I plan to weigh in on March 1st at 125 pounds!
My Stats = (I don't have my measuring tape or bikini for photos with me right now--they are at my "old" house still...I'll do them when I go there)
height- 5'7"
cycle day- 27
Thigh, mid-
Thigh, high-
Habit to break- eating carbs that are JUNK! if it's not a fruit or veggie I will not eat it for one of my 4 allowed daily CARB servings!
Habit to attain- a continually clean kitchen...I tend to only clean up when it's goal is to keep it clean all day every day-- even if I have to delegate the chore cheerleaders
I'm off to eat an apple and clean my kitchen!!
Let's have a great 21 days!! Thanks for your support in advance- I'll need it!
Love, Michelle
P.S. Here's the link to today's info if you need it:
21 DAYS TO GO!!-tasks, decisions, ACTION!!