Friday, February 24, 2012

3 Days to Go!

3 days...Just 3 days to Go!
Do you remember how focused you were during the first 3 days
of this contest- REGAIN That EXCITEMENT!!
You can accomplish a lot in just 3 days of effort.
Today's post:
Kick it in; Kick your habit!!
TODAY I have a photo shoot with the local paper the Morning News for the story they are doing on me and my company BuffMother! I am very excited, so I have to prep for it which includes:
1. shower
2. apply some self tanner
3. whiten teeth
4. make up
5. false eyelashes?? maybe
6. hot roller hair
7. wear the perfect out fit...most likely one of my BuffMother shirts and my BuffMother Bracelet
Another factor I have to figure into all of this are my 3 little girls that I have to take care of while getting all of it this is about a 4 hour project
Wish me luck!!
AND have a super Friday yourself- I'll check back in with my workout.
I had Better than nothing type workout...i had my photoshoot and it lasted 1.5 hours then attempted to workout with no fuel ...better than nothing. Tomorrow's will rock!!
warm up on bike 5 min
Bench 95x10
Inline flys
Tricep extensions on Free motion
Chest press
Tricep one arm cross over pull downs
flat bench flys
25#db's high and slow x10 reps
kickbacks slow and hard
HOME eat!
ADVIL :a3:
Good night,