Thursday, February 23, 2012

4 days to go!

4 days to Go!!
Today is wake up call time-- are you truly taking control of your life??
Please READ and DO today's task and workout:
We just have 4 days to go...make it count!
All of your workouts look AWESOME and
your encouragement is so wonderful....Have I ever told you all how
much I LIKE YOU??? I LIKE YOU all a TON!!
I have been working out hard and sticking to my plan, but being bad
about posting my workouts...please forgive me
Here is what I did this week so far:
Sunday Legs
Monday Chest Tri's run/bike intervals
Tuesday Shoulders, back, biceps, r-bike intervals plus steady state
for a total of 45 min...I thought I was going to die after this!!
Wednesday: legs again...this went much better than Sunday's workout
Smith Lunges
Butt Squats one set of 15 @70
Close stance smith squats one set of 20 @70
Walking lunges with 60# bar on back
set 1 24 total steps- then deadlifts with same wt 20 reps
2 sets bulgarians with 30's- 8,6
set 2 30 total steps- then deadlifts with same wt 20 reps
abductor machine 60x10x2(2nd time with these)
adductor 30x15x1 (i never do these)
3 sets various machines wts and reps
Leg Press(new machine)
80x25 getting my feet wet here
trying to focus on my butt on these...I like this machine very easy on
my back
Then a set of knee extensions....then I saw one of my former clients
and started talking too much So then i decided I was done for the day.
Results: my butt is sore!! HOOORAY!!
Have a super day-
I have a run to do here in a bit.