Thursday, April 12, 2012


OH Man!! Was I BEAT after yesterday...Thank GOD I don't have to go anywhere beside the gym today!! I am enjoying the laid back quality of today. Just me and my computer for a bit!
My day yesterday went well, but I didn't get in my upper body workout. I did get my run done and stayed active most of my day with moving junk and MOWING! I just wanted to get around the house a bit, but the Crazy mower was getting bogged down constantly- I had to clean it out and restart it over and over again! I can't wait to get a riding one~ just have to get HUBBY to pull the trigger on it. It's gonna be "his" deal, not mine, lol!
Anyway, the kids are good-- they have had benchmark testing all week. So NO HOMEWORK!!! YAY!! Silly Layla has lost her glasses AGAIN-- If they don't turn up today, I will have to get a new pair ordered ASAP. She has really bad vision in one of her eyes-- a muscle problem- so she's supposed to "patch" her good eye in order to make the bad eye work. Without glasses her good eye takes over even more-- so...I must get her a pair.
The AC guy was supposed to come this morning---- I guess that's not gonna happen being that it's past noon already. I just hope they don't decide to show up right at my "gym time". -my downstairs AC isn't working quite right-- part of the time it doesn't blow air thru the vents??
If you are still reading this, congrats, lol!! Blah, blah, blah--- time to eat!
Talk to you later babes!!