Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6 days a week for almost 2 years~

Last night a thought hit me in the shower-- the first 2 years that I was "SERIOUS" about becoming Buff, I lifted 6 days a week for almost 2 years straight-- plus I did intervals 3-4x's a week and a long cardio day (60 mins) once a week--much of that time. Now days I tend to lift an average of 4 days a week and am lucky to get in 2-3 interval sessions in a week. There is a difference in my body because of it-- It's kinda the difference between getting an A in a class vs. a B+. It takes a lot more effort and determination to get the A.

Anyhow, that's my goal for the month-- to get myself back to lifting 6 days a week and to up my interval fequency. I'll plan to run them 2-3 times a week, but also get in 2 other interval sessions on the bike or a mish/mosh of exercises. If I can be to that level of fitness by AUGUST 1 I'll be happy!!

This week, I'm sticking to my plan, that i posted sunday- 4 days of lifting, 2 days of running and 2 other interval workouts.

then next week, I'm going to switch to a 3 day split and aim for 5 days/week of lifting and see how my body responds~ It'll be tough to get it done due to the holiday with traveling to MN.

Our kids have been in MN~ for a week now-- they left last Wednesday and at some point I need to go get them :) Not sure when, but within the 10 days or so~ we typically love doing up a big Family 4th of JULY celebration, so it'd be weird to be with out them for the holiday.

Since my van is in MN with the kids- I kinda had to "share" a ride with Travis to get my hair done and then was "stuck" in town for the day. But I didn't let It keep me from working out--I bought a day pass to Inferno Fitness & Martial Arts and got in a good leg workout. My booty is thanking me for it today~ sore cheeks Laughing
The workout was basic, but good!
Squats- 45x20 (warm up), 95x10, 135x10x3sets
Walking Lunges- 50#bar on back x 30 steps x 2 sets
Lower back/booty extensions- 5 sets
Leg curls- 4 sets
Leg extensions- 4 sets
Knee ups- 2 sets
Incline sit ups- 2 sets
my sciatica was a little bit of a bother yesterday--possibly from all the sitting I had done + wearing really HIGH heels + the large amount of ab work I did the previous day-- anyhow it feels better today, so that's good!
The workout for today is to run hills outside- I'm just digesting my food then I'll be hitting the trail.
I've already completed a mini- interval workout of 10 mins on the Upright bike (fasted)
Have a good one!!