Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sucked In!!

I keep getting SUCKED INto being on my computer-- I'm getting off it right after I post this. Instead I need to get SUCKED INto cleaning my house!! All the while SUCKING IT IN (my tummy that is, lol)!!

Yesterday, I got in a modified leg workout as I brought TIA (my 9 year old DD) through a workout:
a circuit #3x's through
Laying side leg raises
Sit ups

then I squatted more and did some bulgarians
then I played catch with Gunner (football)

Today, I broke into the 120's for weight = 129.6, YAY!!
On my wait to pick up Gunner from Football camp, I ran around town for 21minutes-- and here in a bit I'll do a back, shoulder, bicep lift + 20 mins extra cardio. TIA wants to lift on the bowflex, so I'll use that a bit today too!

See you tomorrow~

Love ya,