Sunday, October 28, 2012

Keeping my head in the right place

I run into negative people on a daily basis. I have had countless emails condemning me for being too sexy, accusing me of being "porn", notes and comments continually that I have to delete--tons from men, but many from MEAN WOMEN. People may think they KNOW me, but they have no clue! I have learned to shrug most items off-- delete and ignore is my motto. I also block people quite often from my online profiles. I am NOT HERE FOR THEM, I am here for those I can help and inspire. I am NOT HERE OF FOR THE CHURCH/Christian community either~!

I am a big believer that every woman has a GOD GIVEN desire to be desirable. Every woman is a sexual being and just because I am a Christian does not mean that I am supposed to be something I am NOT. I am still allowed to wear a bikini, be a fitness model and do my best to look beautiful. I have never asked a church group to endorse me, nor would I expect them to. I am here to reach the world with my message of HOPE, not pander to those who want to find fault with my sexy side.

Here' a quote from one of my previous blog posts:

"For those of you who have my book you understand that I deeply believe and TEACH that we must consider EVERY Aspect of ourselves into our quest to attain a glorious body. It must be integrated into our LIFESTYLE and encompass our entire being! Please don't forget the BIG PICTURE! The True WHY behind why you do what you do for your fitness and diet. The TRUE meaning for me is to touch lives! I sacrifice much so that I can stand up with confidence and REACH out to those who are looking for help and HOPE! I want you to realize~ yes I may seem vain or a bit edgy to promote so many bikini photos but this is my calling from GOD! I have a mission to help women and to be a light in the darkness. I have peace about God's mission for my life...I know God will say to me "Well done my good an Faithful servant" when I arrive in heaven :)

I have been called to be a LIGHT in the darkness and reach those who would not otherwise be interested~ I have a mission and I will complete that MISSION!"

Today, I've been trying to keep my head in the right place!! I am determined to focus On my Mission, On the postives and On LOVING!

Let's never let NEGATIVES win!