Friday, October 26, 2012

Without a dryer

Seriously what does a mom of 4 do without a dryer...NO LAUNDRY, that's what, lol!!
My dryer that's only 10 months old quit on me last week just as it dried the final load prior to our trip to MN. When we got home I called about it, and they can't get anyone here sooner than the 31st!

Anyhow, I have my old dryer upstairs in but it's got the wrong kind of cord attached to it for my house-- so Travis said he can put on a different cord tonight for me- once i get it from the hardware store-- they close at 5pm, so I couldn't get there yesterday. Silly Small town business hours-- no wonder they don't succeed!!??

Sorry for the complaining! Can you tell I'm entering boosting?? lol!!

Okay, so my POA from 2 days ago went out the window-- I haven't gotten in any lifting workouts nor a run this week yet (besides the one on Sunday I did in Fergus Fall, MN)...I did have my tennis lesson yesterday. It was intense and I am SO sore from it!!

Today, I've decided to get my workout clothes on- hit the hardware store and gym for a workout. GOING TO DO IT NOW~!

Love ya'll,


p.s. Be sure to check out the final entry info for the SSS~