Friday, November 02, 2012

"MAINTENANCE" is a myth

Each and every new month, I like to give myself a theme and set specific goals for my fitness. I am a big believer that "MAINTENANCE" is a myth- we are either moving forward or backwards in life, and more specifically in our fitness!

My goal is to keep the mojo I've gained over the past couple months!

I have 2 specific fitness goals:

1- I want to stay excited for Tennis...I've changed my lesson day to Tues and added in a FRIDAY Drills day!! the extra time on the court will help me to keep progressing!!

2- Based upon my "after" photos from the SSS I need to be STAUNCH about work my legs/booty HARD at least 2x's a week !!

As for a theme of the month...I am all over sharing success stories. I've had good intentions for a long time about this goal-- but keep putting it off and being lax about updating with them. NO MORE-- this month is all about giving PROPS to some amazing TEAM BUFFMOTHER ladies.

Speaking of which, I continue to get SSS contest entries (I've emailed confirmation to everyone whom I've received) !! thanks so much for all the effort and kind words!! The SSS was a SUCCESS!! The last day to get your entry in is MONDAY the 5th.

This week has been a bit of a mish, mosh for workouts-- nothing structured, just doing whatever I want. I'll start back to more of a set routine come next week-

Monday- tennis with my girls

Tues- Push ups and other chest exercises, plus some squats, a short run + 4 sprints

Wed- Tennis and Trampoline, Did photos, Walk during trick or treat-- Here's a video of me BOUNCING AROUND! LOL!!

Yesterday I did a mish mosh of exercises-- Bench, shoulder press, bicep curls, dips, dead lifts, abs

TGIF ladies, I'm heading out for my run in a bit-- it's very nice here today!