Monday, June 17, 2013


I wanted to say THANKS!! Thanks so much for all the amazing birthday wishes!! I had a great day, but not at all a typical birthday. MY typical my birthday is about being very lazy, spending my entire day in a bikini or just hanging out-- NO WORK ALLOWED-- and treated like a QUEEN.
It started off with some sun and vitamin D. Then I ran hills-- very odd since I did all this before 9am!

Then, It was to to prep for a VIDEO shoot I had on tap from 2-6:30pm.  The shoot was a favor for a new project that a friend is working towards. The shoot went well and I feel I performed to a decent level.  I felt little pressure since it wasn't "my deal" and since I've been on camera so much in the past...I was relatively comfortable with all of it.
Here's the only pic I got of myself all dolled up on my b-day~ My kids and hubby never take pics, lol!

After the shoot, I drove home to a PARTY! My kids and hubby had decorated and blown up a ton of balloons~ We drove to a neighboring town and went out to eat.  Then came home for cake and ice cream and PRESENTS!!
I got 3 pair of yellow box flip flops, a box of goodies from my DD Layla (she made or re-gifted items of her own) including a pair of pretty pink earrings, a nice new Canon power shot camera and a gift certificate for 6 CHICKENS.

I was then told SATURDAY was supposed to count as my B-day also, since I kinda "missed" out on my day.

Saturday was a good day too, but it's never the same as you actual birthday.  I ended up spending much of the day doing "maintenance" on my tractor.  I also set up and played with my camera a bit.  AND we watched some UFC fights which I always enjoy.

Fathers day turned out was odd to go from being "doted" on one day to being the one doting on another so quickly.  Hubby enjoyed his day a lot!! We hiked around in our woods, he cut down a big twin tree, we "hunted" snakes at our pond, we ate burgers and gave him some fun gifts.  The kids were great too...all of them pitched in to make their DAD's day GREAT!  Tia all on her own even made banana bread from scratch following some recipe she found on my book shelf! AWESOME!!

All in all I am ready for some NORMALCY.  Today is perfect for that so far!
It's rainy now and I can focus on catching up.

Hope you have a NORMAL MONDAY too!!
Thanks again for all the SUPER LOVELY Happy Birthday wishes...I am truly very blessed to have so many kind friends!!