Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Jump your way to great ABS

Watch as Michelle Berger of demonstrate exercises to make you aware of how much JUMPING really improves your ABS...Your challenge is to do this "Jumping ABS" workout:

    Jump one leg at a time alternating right and left x 30
    Wide stance jumping x30
    Wide stance with kick out to side x30
    Normal stance kicking to front x 30
    Kick behind you with thigh down x30
    High knees x30
    L-extended stretch crunch, hold 3 sec x20
    Shoulder up down ab side crunch- hips stationary x16-30reps
    Add hip movement slow hipsx16-30 reps
    Shoulder up down + fast hip movement x60 reps
    Y stretch: standing back bend stretch hip flexors x3
    Lunge stance stretch hip flexors x 10-15 sec each side