Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Live It!

Hey, Hey, Hey!! it's that time again!! Time for a 10 week Official BuffMother! contest!!!

I'll be posting more details within the day in the BuffMother Rally Room!! GET READY!!

So...Last night we went to the movies : "Monday night Movie time" with the family was a great experience. The 3 girls went to Narnia while Travis, Gunner and I saw "True Grit" a cowboy movie with Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon. It was a fun movie! And the girls really liked Narnia~

In the recent weeks here are some of the movies (with my ratings as grades) that we've watched:

True Grit: A-

the Town: B

The other Boleyn Girl: B+

Inception: C

The American: C+

A-Team: B

Today, my mind has been set free...by my amazing hubsband. I had been consumed with the possibility of a move. We've been "thinking" about moving to Florida for several months now, but today Travis assured me that the timing is not good now, and to the idea out of my mind. It's truly amazing how much freedom and peace that's already provided!! It's time to get back to living here! I'm ready to LIVE it!!

My little Layla is home sick with a fever and a bit of a cough + sore throat. I hope she recovers without having to make a trip to the Doctor. My workout will be an at home version of legs. I think I'll hit it hard around 1:45 :) Until then I have to get our contest "announced" and do a bit of paperwork, bills and housework.

Have a productive, peaceful day!!